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Master your communication skills with these small tips!

“Communication is one of the most important skills you require for a successful life.”

-Catherine Pulsifer

One word, just a word starts communication; and the unknown journey beings.

Communication is a skill.
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I called it, an indispensable part of life.

Today in my first blog ever; we are going to discuss how communication skills can be improved.

Master 7C’s
Clear (Speech)
Concise (Short & clear)
Concrete ( Fact-based)
Correct ( Grammar )
Coherent ( Logical )
Complete ( Don’t leave a topic in middle)
Courteous ( Be polite )

Listen to what people are talking earnestly.

Ask questions, relevant to the topic but don’t flood them with questions; trust me it’s intimidating!

Verbal communication Words contribute to verbal communication. Having a good vocabulary with correct grammar & sentence structure is the only thing you need for it.

Non-verbal communication It includes a couple of types such as;

Gestures – Let your hands-free! Instead of keeping them folded let them express your feelings. Your happiness, excitement, appreciation…etc.

Eyes – Make eye contact with the person your talking to. Without starring at them.

Body language – The way you stand, sit, walk; makes a huge difference. It should be firm & confident. For instance a businessman/woman, they have such graceful body language.

Pitch – Again, it should be; firm and confident. Speaking from the chest is considered to be a potent way. ( A small tip; practice diaphragm breathing .)

Last but not least…smile! A small yet powerful technique.

I hope these small & basic tips help you all to improve your communication skills.

Did you experience a situation where you wanted to speak something but you didn’t because of fear or anxiety?
Comment below!


79 thoughts on “Master your communication skills with these small tips!

  1. Great advice! I find it impossible not to gesticulate when I talk, which can be a problem — the other day I knocked over someone’s drink because as usual, my hands were flying all over the place when I was speaking!

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  2. Communication is very vital in terms of how we say things and want to get a message out. I also blog about things like this, if you’re interested go check it out my blog. Have a great day !

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