Am a proud Ink drinker

The other day I was learning Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, Herbology.

Which all was just fascinating. Well not only I was learning but also I was discovering new mysteries, & not to brag but, also saving my school from dangerous creatures.

The next day I was on a lovely, stunning, beautiful island with ten people including myself.

In a wonderful modernized Mansion. Just like a dream come true; which eventually became a nightmare! As an unidentified, unknown killer started to kill people one by one.

This wasn’t a dream, it was all real!
No, no I wasn’t hallucinating nor am I crazy!

It all happened, in a real-world name Books.

The first one was Harry Potter and the second one’s, And Then There Were None!

Many people ask what books do? But I would like to ask what they don’t?

There are tons of benefits of reading books some of them are;

Strengthens the brain.

Increases empathy.

Builds vocabulary.

Prevents cognitive decline.
Reduces stress.

Aids sleep.
Alleviates depression.

Lengthens lifespan.

improves brain connectivity
increases your vocabulary and comprehension.

empowers you to empathize with other people

aids in sleep readiness.
reduces stress.

lowers blood pressure and heart rate.
fights depression symptoms
prevent cognitive decline as you age.

Children who read achieve better in school.

Above all, the biggest perk of reading books is; one lives in the world of books; leaving all the reality behind, you drown in a gorgeous world of imagination!

And of course, how can I forget to mention Bibliosmia!,( smell of books)

So let’s explore numerous dimensions through books!

And let’s all of us become a proud ink drinkers!!

174 thoughts on “Am a proud Ink drinker

  1. Wow, quite a unique write up you’ve got there β€˜B’, Creativity and Passion written all over your post. Being passionate in writing and aspiring to be com a published author someday, I happen to love reading and appreciates anyone who does same or encourages others to do so. Do have a wonderful and safe weekend out there.

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  2. So true! I have loved reading since I could read, and there’s no better feeling than the the feeling you get when you read a good book πŸ™‚

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      1. I have so many. I recommend Jack London book “when god laugh” and Hemingway ” A moveable feast.” I like books like “Picture of Dorian Gray”. Great use of conversation. I like the books that steal your mind. My new favorite “Alias Grace” was amazing. The best things about books. Always another to read.

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      2. I know right? They are just never ending!! U read one then u wanna read another it’s like an addiction!!
        Good addiction thouπŸ˜…
        I sure will read books which u recommend!!! Am a fan of Jack London!!
        Also if u like thriller/ mystery I would recommend: The silent patient!! By Alex Michaelides

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      3. In the Summer. I have my great writer books of all time. I read and borrow words from the ancient writers. I like the old language. More personal and I will check out the book.

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      4. Wow, that’s a good usage of time.
        When anyone talks bout ancient writers Charles Dickens this name always strikes in my brain…thou he is an ever green writer!!!πŸ˜„

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      5. I have more books than I can count. This Summer I want to seek the Africa and Asia writers out. A writer on the W.C is sharing the Vietnam poets from Asia. They are amazing. They wrote the truth.

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      1. Literally, I have tasted ink once as a child, but didn’t drink much as my mother caught me. The beautiful blue colour and smell of ink attracted me πŸ˜‚

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  3. I love it !!!!!
    There was so much in your post that is so true. I love to read books too and have so many now.
    As a kid I read-only as I had to, but now as I got older and now as I finish one I’m looking for the
    next book to read. Great post, thanks.

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  4. I love books as well! I spent most of my childhood reading. I learned how to be independent and yet still lead from Ender Wiggins. I learned how to wait patiently for something you have always wanted from Aragorn. I learned a million different things from as many individuals by inhaling books. It’s what is inspiring me to write, the desire to pass on the things I have learned to someone like myself. And I just love stories

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    1. Same!! I have learnt so much from books! It’s really a pleasure when u read books!!!
      Am glad I meet another * ink drinker* like u Cadence!
      Also thanks for commenting!!!!

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