A world where alphabets rule.

School comes up with ideas which are agony for children with their best defensive line: It’s important for your future!!




I know, the above lines don’t make any sense; nor did my school subjects:
English, History & MATHS.

This is grammatically correct!! & so are,

Will, will Will will Will Will’s will?


In history, names bigger than my mouth, which I was hardly able to pronounce or write, were expected to learn.

Maths? That’s the reason calculators are made!!!

All those big equations which I learnt, I still haven’t encountered their usage in real life! & I don’t think I will unless these types of signs are used.

According to me, the problem with teaching maths is, most of the time people don’t tell us usage of mathematical equations in our day-to-day life which makes it boring or tedious.

Well, after few years I found out that maths isn’t the worst subject! Yes, you heard me, because then I was introduced to physically education.

Clever methods of torture:

Grades – Basic needs of humans: food, water, clothes, shelter & Grades!

Grades have become so important in our life; that students with low grades are treated the way one will treat a criminal!

Divisions This method is quite an interesting one, it not only helps in the distribution of population but also helps people to define the “intelligence” of students.

Punishments I still don’t understand how punishment can make someone do their H.W or help them understand concepts

Exams: The living Nightmares, because most of the nights are spent studying.

School teaches one what to do after passing the exam but don’t teaches one what to do after failing.

Real-world knowledge like how to pay taxes, how to become an entrepreneur, how to become a leader, not a boss, etc. isn’t taught.

Mental health exam pressure, comparison based on intelligence, these all kinds of things leads to disturbance in mental health of children.

Schools are important & I do agree it gives us some of best memories of our childhood but we can’t ignore the fact that there is a lot of scope for improvement in the schooling system.

Let’s try our best to make education fun time instead of fatigue time.

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