Consistency of just 21 days of doing something makes it your habit!!

Habit simply means something we love doing & we don’t want to change it.

Changing your habit seems almost impossible, it feels like living in a house made up of cake and not to eat it!!

That’s unavoidable!

And honestly, don’t change your habit unless it’s stealing candy from a toddler.

But, why changing habits is so difficult? I did a bit of a research on it & this is what I found.

Neurons located in the habit formation region fire at the beginning of a new behavior, subside while the behavior occurs, and then fire again once the behavior is finished. Over time, patterns form, both in behavior and in the brain. This can make it extremely difficult to break a habit.

Another reasons, breaking habits are difficult;

1.We follow a wrong strategy. 2.We want to stop habits or patterns & focus on what we don’t want. 3.Our attachment to habits.

Now, the question arises how to change a habit? What kind of things should I do? Again I did a bit of research & this is what I found.

1.Determine the reward: Give yourself a small reward for sticking to your guns. 2.Focus on why you want to change. 3.Leave yourself reminders.

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

96 thoughts on “Habit

  1. An just testing post. As humans, the feeling to eat our own cake house can get irresistible.🍰 Similarly we abandon habits bit by bit, without bringing it into real notice, we try to deceive ourself! Nicely writtenπŸ˜€

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  2. Wow! I enjoyed reading just from the onset. The pic you inserted really has a powerful message❀️

    And I love this: “And honestly don’t change your habit unless it’s stealing candy from a toddler.”

    Continue writing Butterfly πŸ¦‹ and thanks for the postπŸ’ƒπŸ’―

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  3. The automatic repetition
    upcoming work
    to take care of them
    helps diversity
    other requirements
    to take by the hand

    the soul
    with her speech
    in a dream

    gives everyone enough
    the inner world
    to the outside world
    to new insight
    for the better

    of prevented movement
    deal with your own fear
    with the panic
    of stagnation
    and the horror

    to confront
    to make aware
    as a human
    in all diversity
    to expand

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  4. Habits become customs over a period of time, and when customs are passed from one generation to the next – they become traditions. Sprinkle a little philosophy on the religious practice of traditions and you get the doctrines and tradition of men. Those are the hardest to break! (Colossians 2:8) LOLGB+

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  5. This is all true and helpful awareness! I’ve actually tried this method after learning of it on a Christian program about health I was watching. It worked for me too; but the caveat I believe that’s contained here in this well explained reality, is that like the old adage of how β€œold habits die hard,” I believe that is a strong underlying truth also; and unfortunately some of those habits only die when the one doing them does.

    And because we are actually creatures of habit, living as we do in this material plane surviving while trying to explore new horizons or just have some adventure, some habits inevitably can creep back into play when we might be at our weakest moment or just got too bored keeping up the new better habit or replacement; and may just say what the heck why not, I’m going for it. Thus AA for the millions upon millions who are addicted to alcohol or as we know many other substances, pot I would say a huge one now, though I never use it and won’t so I don’t have that addiction and it’s highly unlikely I ever will; absolutely no interest in, but that is it, anything we can do as people can become repetitive and a habit; which could impact our lives in a negative way.

    I’m talking more about behavior type habits that don’t involve substance abuse. But I think these are the most or at least as difficult, like just being lazy or watching too much TV, being online far too much and playing computer games which is an abuse outlet that a generation now are afflicted with, or say older ones, who are dropping coins in slot machines; I have seen people ruin their lives and die too soon, because of them just like many of others have observed. Many things are injurious to the health; like I said just plain laziness and letting one’s body fall apart! But the lesser of the, if I can label them evils, are overpowering habitual behaviors nonetheless, and are very annoying too.

    So my thought is it’s always an uphill battle to be so disciplined that we don’t trip up and are home free; unless we have a lifestyle that keeps us so busy and engaged with various activities that require a bulk of free time attention as well; all of which are just another form of habit even though productive; I think we people are stuck with the problem of being not perfect! Thus pretty much everything falls into behavior patterns, so we have to always be aware or cognizant of the fact that habits that are not doing us much good or do harm; are a reality of life that we all experience at one time or another and in some way or other! Ain’t life a beach!

    Thanks for getting me thinking about all of this; not something to blow off by any means! I have to cut down on sweets!

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    1. Yup, bad habits are the most difficult one’s to break.
      Laziness is another factor which plays an important role along with our mindset, well said.
      I am glad you gave it a thought.
      Haha that’s the most difficult habit to break, it’s difficult one than any other bad one too πŸ˜…(sweets) thou best of luck πŸ˜‰
      Thanks a lot for sharing you’re thoughts, I appreciate it XD
      Have great day!! βœ¨πŸ’•

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      1. Thanks for rubbing it in how it’s the worst habit to break!πŸ™„ 😩 πŸ˜‚ I’ve had mine since a child of course and never broke it so see I do have a bad habit after all, an almost impossible one to cut loose! 🀣 Though I have tried a few times but go back to the cookie jar again eventually! Thank God so far it hasn’t ruined my health or anything; perhaps eating well and the best foods is a counter balance in my case; I hope! πŸ˜‚

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      1. This post actually found me engaged in a social media detox of at least 30 days. I’m going to include the reminder bit of it so that I don’t go off course. It can be tempting at times. πŸ˜‚But keeping myself in check requires I remind myself of why I’m doing what I’m doing. Setting reminders of when to put my phone down and stuff like that.

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  6. Yeah this trick will definitely work as our body itself adjust according to the environment but it takes time and once our habits will be changed to positive and not to forget that they can be negative also we will se world from different angle. Thanks for this lovely post. Beautifully written πŸ‘

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    1. I love the way you think, let’s hope everyone will think like ya and then we all can always stay positive XD
      Especially in this situation (pandemic) 🀞🏻☘️✨😸

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