Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. Book review

#An awesome way to update your life!!!

This is a book review of the famous self-help book Atomic Habits.

Uranium + Plutonium  = Explosion

To create a similar kind of positive explosion in your life you ought to read Atomic Habits! 

As the name suggests the book Atomic Habits is about how small habits can result in drastic changes in our life.

 The cover of the book is simple and elegant; it describes the theme of the book correctly. The title Atomic Habits provokes curiosity among its readers at the same time giving a brief idea of what the book is about. James Clear is the author of the book Atomic Habits.

Two amazing concepts introduced in this book which helped me a lot are:

Habit Stacking

It is a concept which is easy to learn, apply & is powerful to change a habit at the same time making it easy to maintain.

Habit Tracking

It helps you to keep your steak alive, whilst not making you feel it as a chore, makin g it a fun activity. How to use it in a proper manner and how to use it for your advantage in taught by the author in an effective way.

Atomic Habits takes you to the world of small or atomic things where you learn how small things matter in our life and how tiny changes can change your life in a way you never imagined before. 

The book is simple to read. Language used is eloquent and easy to understand. The book is divided into four parts: law one, law two, law three, law four. 

The author uses various diagrams and charts to explain all four law in detail. The diagrams and charts also make understanding all laws much easier.

My experience

I heard a lot about the book Atomic Habits on social media since it was published and honestly speaking the name itself provoked my interest. 

The book got me hooked since its very first page which was a brief introduction about the author. I read the complete book from first page to last page word to word. It is full of real life examples explaining concepts clearly. Small stories in the book are engaging, making it a fun read rather than making it feel like a chore. 

My Take Away From The Book

The lessons I learnt:

  1. To understand the importance of how atomic changes are important. 
  2. Showing up is important: To develop a habit it is important to show up.
  3. To pay attention towards small details: Small details if neglected may result in hazardous situations. 
  4. Habit stacking: What does habit stacking means and how to use it, was the most valuable teaching I learnt. It helped to develop new habits and to maintain them effortlessly.
  5. Developing a habit is difficult ,but once you develop any habit, it is a lot easier to maintain it for a long period of time.
  6. Habit development has a compound effect.
  7. How to create an appropriate environment for developing healthy habits.
  8. Mindset matters and how to use it for us.
  9. How to break bad habits effectively.
  10. Why habits matter and what good they do to us.

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy today to escalate your life in a way you never imagined before!!

Click here to buy your copy and get ready to change the world!

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