Being Yourself

Today, I want to start this blog with a question.

Don’t worry, it’s not related to Quantum Mehanics or Maths for that matter. It is a very simple question.

What is the most difficult thing to do?

Some of you may think it’s public speaking, earning money, education, etc. but no.

Yes….I said NO, well then butterfly what is it πŸ‘€

It is being you, being yourself is the most difficult thing in this world, because you’ll keep doubting yourself, keep thinking what can I do so people would like me, etc.

But what about you liking yourself ?

All I want to say is…just be yourself, whoever, whatever you are just be like that. Don’t think about people, you may make few friends in your life because of that, but they will be your true friends.

Because, they accept you for who you are πŸ™ƒβœŒοΈ

Have a great day!!

Butterfly πŸ¦‹

9 thoughts on “Being Yourself

  1. Very good advice. I stopped being the perky upbeat person at work cos that’s not me. I’m really quiet and I just like to get my work done.


  2. You make a good point, Butterfly. (Sorry, I’m late getting to your post; I’ve been taking a short break away from reading and commenting as I was getting rather overwhelmed with it all). I have to confess that I’m one of those people who do care about what others think of me. It’s not something I am proud of at all – I think it comes from very poor self-esteem caused by previous life experiences. I’d love to not bother about it and just be myself, but I struggle with this. I do have a couple of really good friends, though, and can be perfectly happy just being me with them. I’m very thankful for having them in my life. Thanks for a thoughtful post, Butterfly x 🌞


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