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Take a Break

I need a breakkkkk! Is something we keep hearing from almost everyone, but how many of us actually take it? We need a break, but we keep postponing it…WHY? Mostly because you’ve some reallyyyy important work to complete, yes OK I get it….but can you finish your work without any mistakes? Can you actually enjoyContinue reading “Take a Break”


Consistency of just 21 days of doing something makes it your habit!! Habit simply means something we love doing & we don’t want to change it. Changing your habit seems almost impossible, it feels like living in a house made up of cake and not to eat it!! That’s unavoidable! And honestly, don’t change yourContinue reading “Habit”

Master your communication skills with these small tips!

“Communication is one of the most important skills you require for a successful life.” -Catherine Pulsifer One word, just a word starts communication; and the unknown journey beings. Communication is a skill.It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I called it, an indispensable part of life. Today in my first blog ever; we are going toContinue reading “Master your communication skills with these small tips!”