Short blog: Online Shopping A Boon

Since the advent of online Shopping life has become more easy and convenient.

Benefits of Online Shopping are numerous, biggest one would be it saves time!! A ton of it. You can do a 5km of running, 10 push ups and couple of high jumps instead of shopping for 2-3 hrs.

It has enabled us to buy different products across the globe within seconds, which offline seems almost impossible unless of course you have access to teleportation.

Online Shopping has many many such advantages and if I start to talk about them it wouldn’t be a short blog anymore.

Have a great day!

Butterfly πŸ¦‹

I am back!!🎊

Heyyyaa!! The Butterfly is back in the garden after a long time with some awesome content and novel ideas worth your time πŸ˜‰

While I was on a break, I realised that writing blog is super fun and it is something I really like. Blogs aren’t obsolete and yes they are read and recognise even in ” today’s world”.

Blogs if anything are a great platform to exchange your ideas and to learn about different perspectives.

In case you all are wondering where this butterfly was wandering…it was busy giving an exam πŸ™‚
I hope you all enjoy my new content, just the way you all did before πŸ˜‰

Have a fantastic day!! πŸ¦‹


Consistency of just 21 days of doing something makes it your habit!!

Habit simply means something we love doing & we don’t want to change it.

Changing your habit seems almost impossible, it feels like living in a house made up of cake and not to eat it!!

That’s unavoidable!

And honestly, don’t change your habit unless it’s stealing candy from a toddler.

But, why changing habits is so difficult? I did a bit of a research on it & this is what I found.

Neurons located in the habit formation region fire at the beginning of a new behavior, subside while the behavior occurs, and then fire again once the behavior is finished. Over time, patterns form, both in behavior and in the brain. This can make it extremely difficult to break a habit.

Another reasons, breaking habits are difficult;

1.We follow a wrong strategy. 2.We want to stop habits or patterns & focus on what we don’t want. 3.Our attachment to habits.

Now, the question arises how to change a habit? What kind of things should I do? Again I did a bit of research & this is what I found.

1.Determine the reward: Give yourself a small reward for sticking to your guns. 2.Focus on why you want to change. 3.Leave yourself reminders.

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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