Being Yourself

Today, I want to start this blog with a question. Don’t worry, it’s not related to Quantum Mehanics or Maths for that matter. It is a very simple question. What is the most difficult thing to do? Some of you may think it’s public speaking, earning money, education, etc. but no. Yes….I said NO, wellContinue reading “Being Yourself”

A Plagiarised World

What is plagiarism : The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. To put it in simple words, plagiarism is basically, robbery of ideas. Believe it or not, Plagiarism nowadays has become common than real robbery (that is robbery of physical goods) Why Plagiarism has increased :Continue reading “A Plagiarised World”

One Simple Question

Today’s blog is with a mere purpose of talking and getting to know your perspective, as a result I am going to ask everyone a simple question. I am pretty sure all of you would love talking about it, so my question for you all is; What is your thinking process when you buy aContinue reading “One Simple Question”

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