A Plagiarised World

What is plagiarism : The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. To put it in simple words, plagiarism is basically, robbery of ideas. Believe it or not, Plagiarism nowadays has become common than real robbery (that is robbery of physical goods) Why Plagiarism has increased :Continue reading “A Plagiarised World”

A world where alphabets rule.

School comes up with ideas which are agony for children with their best defensive line: It’s important for your future!! Knmjggffddcfujfd Ndkskskdkkdndcj ¥√`÷£÷|÷€∆]✓%{| I know, the above lines don’t make any sense; nor did my school subjects:English, History & MATHS. BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO,BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO BUFFALO.This is grammatically correct!! & so are, Will, willContinue reading “A world where alphabets rule.”

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